Jamaica Football Federation Hoping to Turn Euphoria into Sponsorship for Reggae Girlz

Kingston, JAMAICA – The Jamaican population is still floating one week after the senior women’s team, the Reggae Girlz, became the first Caribbean team to qualify for the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The October 17 victory over Panama in a penalty shootout after a 2-2 draw sent Jamaica into euphoria and General Secretary of the Jamaica Football Federation Dalton Wint said the aim is to capitalize on that.
“This is something historic, and we are still excited as a federation and as a country. What we want to do now is to turn this into tangible support for our girls. We are a cash-strapped federation, but this is an opportunity for Jamaica and the Caribbean to go to France and show that we may be little but we’re tallawah (strong and fearless),” Wint said.

By conservative estimates, the Reggae Girlz need a war chest of approximately USD $2 million to adequately prepare for the apex contest. “We’re not looking to go to France to participate,” Wint said. “We aim to be competitive, and that money will help us to prepare as we ought.”

The JFF is making an appeal to current sponsors – “the girls have produced for the partners with the international coverage and now we want the partners to produce for the girls with the understanding that they now have access to international markets,” Wint said.

He also said that the JFF is casting its net wide, with a view to getting support from the wider Caribbean and the Diaspora. The JFF official heaped praise on the Bob Marley Foundation and the Alacran Foundation, both of which he said have been a bedrock for the team.

With all eyes on the Reggae Girlz and with other Caribbean countries likely to be wondering about the formula for success, Wint had this advice: “pay attention to the ladies. They can carry you places.”
“I’m imploring the other countries in the CFU to put their talk into plans and to put their plans into action, and we will see success in the Caribbean.”