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1.1 Introduction

The aim of the Football Education Programme is to provide lifelong learning and education to aspiring football coaches and managers, as well as being the hub for football industry qualifications in the Caribbean. Students on our Football Education Programme will receive high quality teaching, learning and coaching provision from professionals with backgrounds in academia, professional football and sports business. We will ensure that everyone on our Football Education Programme will gain the qualifications, skills and expertise to be successful within the football industry.

The Programme allows football coaches the opportunity to continue to develop their footballing skills whilst participating in the programme. This Football Coaching qualification is ideal for those looking for experience and understanding of the world of football coaching across different levels of the game from grass roots to the elite game. It provides a unique learning experience and the opportunity to live, learn and develop within the live operations of a professional football environment.


 In 2016, University of the West Indies formed a significant partnership with the Royal Belgium Football Association (KBVB). This partnership will provide the Academy of Sport with unprecedented access to KBVB staff and materials in order to provide the highest possible level of Coach’s Education available to the Caribbean.


We do thank you for choosing the Academy of Sport U.W.I as your provider for Football Coaching Education and look forward to assisting you in reaching your career goals.








1.2 Call for applicants

In May 2016, the University of the West Indies Academy of Sport, Cave Hill and the Caribbean Football Union in Association with the Royal Belgium Football Association announced a new initiative aimed at identifying, recruiting and training a team of coaching educators who will assist the University in the delivery, monitoring and evaluation of coaching courses through   the Caribbean    


This programme is the first of its kind in the Caribbean, and the program faculty is currently accepting applications.

This programme is intended to enable candidates to qualify as professional Coach Educators up to UEFA B equivalent level. This programme will be delivered by highly qualified coaching instructors during an intensive two weeks.

 Start date will be July 6th, 2016


1.3 Course Details

Start date                               6th July 2016

Duration                                 14 days

Languages                              English

Delivery mode                        On campus (Barbados)

Educational variant              Full time






1.4 Programme Requirements

The University of the West Indies Coach Education Tutors course will consists of 96 contact hours of face to face sessions and 400 hours of on line course work. The course will be delivered over one (1) semesters or sessions. The courses will be delivered in 1 face-to-face residencies at the Cave Hill Campus in Barbados.

The following REQUIRED residencies are scheduled:

§    Residency U.W.I Cave Hill Campus, Barbados – July. 6th -20th , 2016


1.5 Admission Requirements

A prospective Candidates must meet the following requirements to be considered for admission to the University of the West Indies Coach Education Tutors course

   Minimum of seven years of football coaching experience.

Application Materials Needed

Please be sure to submit all of the materials below in support of your application:


   detailed resume including your football and educational background and football work experience

   two-page typed biography that includes information about your background and experience and how this course relates to your future personal and professional goals

 Three letters of recommendation that address your academic qualifications and coaching experiences

 Copies of coaching certificates

 An original power point presentation entitled " An approach to the development of coaching education in my country"





Necessary Skills

·         Report writing

·         Computer literate (Microsoft, word, excel and power point)

·         Teaching / presenting / lecturing background

·         Selection CRITERIA

·         First short list will be drawn up based on candidates C.V's

·         Second round screening will be done via interview and power point presentations by candidates















1.6 Course Content




Structure of analysis

Evolution of football

Formations, styles of play, technical and tactical trends players roles


Leadership, management and coaching, principles and styles of leadership (age specific leadership), setting standards (coach as a role model), inspiring and motivational leadership (team talk). 


Coaching during the game, coaching during the training session, coaching the team/individual players, youth and age specific coaching, positive coaching


Seasonal plans, weekly plans

Training sessions

Tactical training sessions, physical training sessions, warming up and cooling down, training with different age groups (age specific characteristics), learning environment (fun, positive and challenging)

Philosophy of teaching football

Vision with regard to (teaching) senior and youth football, teaching styles appropriate to players age, effective teaching.

Team building

Team building process, goal setting

Guidance of players/staff

Goal setting, evaluation, reflection and feedback techniques,

Football physiology

Conditioning, injuries and injury prevention

Football psychology

Communication with players and parents, age specific characteristics and football, sport and pedagogy.

Club management

Structure of the club, technical policies and youth development plan, dealing with clubs management

Laws of the game

Laws and spirit of the Game

Sport ethics

Values of the Sport, Sodal drugs, safe management of injuries and illness





-Please note individual courses are subject to change-



1.7 Course Fees





Tuition fees

$500 US

Coaches Alumni Association

$100 US

Identification Card (first issue only)

$10   US



Accommodation – Frank Worrell Hall

$25 US / night

Accommodation - Keith Hunte Hall

$30 US / night

Courses meals

$22 US a day



1.8 Contact Information

Mr. Gary St. Rose at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Program Coordinator & Football Education Manager
University of the West Indies
Academy of Sport Cave Hill,