Women's Olympic Qualifying Results August 21

The Caribbean Football Union's Women's Olympic qualifying kicked off with Groups 1, 3 and 4 starting the action on August 21st.

Group 1 Results:

Aruba 0 - 14 Haiti

Scorers:(Haiti) Batchera Louis 32, 45,80,89,90, Sherly Jeudy 40th, 41st, 53rd, Nerilia Mondesir 48th, 58, 65th, 75th(PK), 76th, 91st.

Puerto Rico 12 - 0 Grenada

Scorers: (PR) Socarass Karina 10th, 13th, 65th, 87th, 89th, 91st, Mendez Annie Lee 23rd, Martinez Majory 62nd, 72nd,

76th, Pagan Selimar 64th, Rodrigez Nicole 69th.

Group 3 Results:

Dominican Republic 11 - 0 Dominica

Scorers: (DR) Yaqueisi Nunez 7th, 74th, Betzaida Ubri 32nd, 40th, 53rd, 55th, Winiban Peralta 57th, Paloma Perez 65th,

73rd. Donisha Xavier (own goal) (Dominica)
Group 4 Results:

St. Kitts and Nevis 0 - 8 Guyana

Scorers: (GUY) Otesha Charles 23rd, 35th, 46th, Mariam El-Masri 51st, Kayla Desouza 65th, Lalaigh Copland 76th, Alison

Heydorn 85th, Olivia Gonsalves 87th.