CFU Women's Olympic Qualifiers Results August 23

Results for the Caribbean Football Union's Women's Olympic qualifying match day 2 with Groups 1, 3 and 4 on August 23rd..

Group 1 Results:

Haiti 13 - 0 Grenada
Scorers: (Haiti) Batcheta Louis 3rd, 64th, 94th, Woodlyne Robuste 10th, Soveline Beaubrun 23rd, Nerelia Mondesir 26th, 29th, 36th, 39th, 79th, Roselord Borgella 60th, 73rd, Yvrose Gervil 92nd

Puerto Rico 9 - 0 Aruba
Scorers: (PR) Pagan Selimar 24th, Socarras Karina 25th, 29th, 48th, 89th, Martinez Marjorie 35th, Rivera Ashley 64th, Mendez Annie Lee 94th. Larie Jenneling (OG) (Aruba) 11th.

Group 3 Results:

Dominican Republic 0 - 6 Jamaica
Scorers: (JAM) Khadijah Shaw 22nd, 64th, Venecia Reid 32nd, 69th, Tashana Vincent 78th, Shanise Foster 18th

Group 4 Results:
Guyana 1 - 1 Cuba
Scorers: (Guy) Ashley Rodrigues 19th, Maria Perez 78th (CUBA)