Executive Committee


Randolph Harris (Barbados)

First Vice President
Rignaal Francisca (Curacao)

Third Vice President
Lyndon Cooper (St. Lucia)

Fourth Vice President
Richard Dijkhoff (Aruba)

Bruce Blake  (Cayman Islands)
Glen Etienne (Dominica)
Eric Labrador (Puerto Rico)
Jeaninne Wong Loi Sing (Bonaire)

Ex-Officio Members
Sonia Fulford (Turks and Caicos Islands)
Luis Hernandez (Cuba)
Maurice Victoire (Martinique)


The Caribbean Football Union (CFU) held its XLI Ordinary Congress on Monday, June 11, 2018 at the Amber Plaza in Moscow, Russia, during which time elections were conducted for President and Executive Committee Member.

With a majority of the votes, Randolph Harris (Barbados) was elected President of the CFU. Glen Etienne (Dominica) was elected Executive Committee Member.

The members of the Executive Committee are: Randolph Harris (Barbados) President; Rignaal Francisca (Curacao) Second Vice President; Lyndon Cooper (St. Lucia) Third Vice President; Richard Dijkhoff (Aruba) Fourth Vice President; and Eric Labrador (Puerto Rico), Bruce Blake (Cayman Islands), Glen Etienne (Dominica) and Jeaninne Wong Loi Sing (Bonaire) Executive Committee Members.