Barbados has a new General Secretary

The search is over……  Barbados football has a new General Secretary, and she’s also the first woman to ever hold that position.

Joyce Stewart, of Canada, was appointed to the post after a series of interviews carried out by the selection committee of the Barbados Football Association (BFA).

 “I am extremely honored to be chosen as the General Secretary for the Barbados Football Association.  Not only do I get to live and work in the country I love, I also have the privilege of being involved in the game of football.  

“My life plan was to eventually live in Barbados, and as I put the pieces in place to have this come to fruition, I became aware of the opening for the position of General Secretary.  I submitted my resume and cover letter, got shortlisted, and interviewed by a Selection panel made up of several BFA representatives and an independent HR consultant,” said Stewart.

The new General Secretary brings to the table a wealth of knowledge about the sport and believes her strong administration skills will be a great benefit to the task at hand.

Barbados FA staff welcome their new General Secretary. L-R: 
Khadijah Briggs, Sherrol Austin, new General Secretary Joyce  Stewart, 
Mark Forde and Neil Walkers.

“My professional background is finance – specifically as a bank manager for a leading Canadian Bank, and after I left banking, I was often recruited by not-for-profit, volunteer based organizations to assist them in the development of their strategic plans, and managed the day to day operational requirements of the Board.  My career path was diverse – from community service groups, to private equity golf course, to a national charity, to branches of the Canadian Bar Association. Throughout my professional career, I continued with my volunteer work in the game,” she explained.

“The experience I have with strategic planning, governance renewal, financial management, operational management fits nicely with the needs identified by the BFA.  I bring a wealth of experience to the table, and have a strong network of like professionals in the game that I can draw upon for assistance. The role of the General Secretary is to fulfill the mandate of the Executive Council and to ensure the legacy of the Association is preserved for future generations.”

Stewart elaborated that she has been involved in football for many years and both her children were players at both the elite and community levels, her six year old granddaughter ‘Laurana’ also plays in the Tiny Tots league.

“I started at the community level in the administration role at a club, eventually becoming the President of Gloucester Soccer. I later became a representative on the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association, the second largest in the country with a registration level at that time of over 48,000 where.  I was President of the District for four years,” added Stewart.

 She is also mindful of her new role and recognizes that as a woman in a male dominated sport she will be under the microscope perhaps more than ever, and face challenges from time to time based on her gender.

“My core values of respect, integrity, compassion, and fairness are near and dear to me.  Being a woman does not make it easier or harder. It is one’s approach and respect towards each other that earns trust and commitment.  

“I enjoy a good football game – both from watching the coaches, the referees, and the players. Each one is an integral part of what makes the game awesome and when they are all at their finest – it’s magic!” she ended.