The Executive Committee of the Caribbean Football Union Unveils Five Tournaments For 2014

The Executive Committee of the Caribbean Football Union has approved five Tournaments as part of a series of Events which will constitute its activities for 2014. They are the:

  • CFU Club Championship: February 19-26, March 19-26, April 2-7, 2014
  • CFU Women’s Caribbean Cup: April 7-14, May, July 14-21, 2014
  • CFU Men’s Under-20 Tournament: June/July 2014
  • CFU Men’s Under-17 Tournament: July/August 2014
  • CFU Men’s Caribbean Cup: May, September 1-9, October 6-14, November 10-18, 2014

According to CFU President, Gordon Derrick, “We are especially excited about staging the Women’s Caribbean Cup, as this is an inaugural event. This tournament is a FIFA Women’s World Cup Qualifier, and we really want to see the teams representing all our Member Associations participating in it…our aim is to ensure that this Tournament rises to the level where it can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Men’s Caribbean Cup.”

Each competition will end with the crowning of a Champion, and the CFU President expects that this will “inspire each country to work a little harder to be duly recognized as the best Caribbean team.”

L-R, Back Row: Larry Mussenden, 2nd Vice-President (Bermuda), Lyndon 
Cooper, 3rd Vice-President (St. Lucia), Canover Watson, 4th 
Vice-President (Cayman Islands), Anthony Johnson (St. Kitts/Nevis), 
Sonia Bien-Aime (Turks & Caicos Islands), Hillaren Frederick (US Virgin 
Islands), Cheney Joseph, 1st Vice-President (Grenada), Maurice Victoire 
Front Row, seated: Damien Hughes, General Secretary (Anguilla), Gordon 
Derrick, President (Antigua)