Reggae Girls’ ready to make music in CFU tournament

The Jamaica national Senior Women’s Football ‘The Reggae Girls’ team was founded in 1990 by the Jamaica Football Federation the head governing football body in Jamaica since 1910.

The Jamaicans will travel to the Dominican Republic on June 16-23 where they will compete against hosts Dominican Republic, Anguilla and St Lucia in Group 5 of the inaugural Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Women’s Caribbean Cup for a title and a place in the CONCACAF Gold Cup and the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The Reggae Girls Senior team have competed in approximately sixteen international games so far. They were qualified for the CONCACAF Gold Cup in 2006 and also for the Pan American Games held in Brazil in 2008 before the team became inactive later that same year.

The team’s Head Coach is Merron Gordon and the Director of Women’s Football Program is Vin Blaine. The squad is well balanced with a mature team of players aged nineteen to thirty-five who are based locally and overseas. The overseas players are Oni Bernard and Donna K. Henry-Forward/Midfielders; Nicole Campbell- Defensive Midfielder; Alexia Allen- Forward; Kim Spence- Defender, Alicia Wilson and Myjnair Perkins- Central Defenders and Sashana Campbell- Midfielder. According to Blaine, he expects to qualify for the CONCACAF Tournament and the FIFA World Cup.

“My expectations of this tournament is to qualify for the CONCACAF Tournament and the FIFA World Cup. Based on the U20 competition that introduced the Caribbean Cup, the region will definitely benefit from this competition. Playing for a cup, and not just playing to qualify will certainly add more excitement and incentive to the teams participating.”

Blaine went on to point out how well the preparation was going with the Jamaican team, “The team is a mixture of experience and youth, however, they have bonded well.

The preparation has been mainly concentrated on the physical aspect at the outset, and gradually have moved to strengthening the tactical understanding between players.” “Overseas camps that were lacking in the past have been introduced to ensure that the players will go into competition at a comfort level required to participate at this level.”