Helenites SC Wins the USVI Soccer Association’s Annual Club Championship

Helenites SC captured the 2015 US Virgin Islands Soccer Association (USVISA) Club championship at the Lionel Roberts Stadium in St Thomas last weekend with a 3-1 victory over Raymix SC. The goal scorers for team Helenites FC were Trevol Smith 90th min, Plummer 6th min -Own Goal, Connel George-71st min - Own Goal, while Vernus Abbott scored in the 65th minute for Raymix.

The USVISA club championship featured the top two clubs from both the St. Croix and St. Thomas regions battling to be named the best soccer club in the territory. At the end of the season, Helenites SC and Raymix SC finished as the top ranked clubs in St. Croix and St. Thomas, respectively.

Rovers SC and Haitian Victory SC both finished second in their respective regions, rounding out the top four in the final knockout tournament. The first match on day 1 of the club championship pitted the second ranked St. Thomas club, Haitian Victory against the St. Croix perennial champion Helenites, which ended in 5-0 victory for the St. Croix squad. Top ranked St. Thomas club, Raymix, followed up the first match with another high-scoring affair beating Rovers 7-1.

USVISA technical director, Kendall Walkes, was pleased by the club play but was unsurprised. “After the first day, the two top teams showed why they were the top teams.” he added. Day two featured the final two games. First, Rovers and Haitian Victory faced off against one another for third place in the league, ending in a 3-0 win for Haitian Victory.

The final championship game between the top ranked teams in the league would follow and close out the tournament. After a competitive few minutes, Helenites scored their first goal.

They then went on to win the club championship 3-1 over Raymix through a combination of aggressive offense and great goal keeping by Danny Michael who was named most valuable player in the tournament. “We were a little shaky coming into the game…but we got our stride in the late first half, said Helenites assistant coach, Kenneth Marcellin.

The second half was a better half for us because we were able to move the ball around freely and execute our plans.” As champion of the USVI Men’s League, Helenites SC, will have the opportunity to play in the CONCACAF Champion’s League and compete against the confederation’s top clubs.

FIFA development officer Angenie Kanhai and FIFA Technical Development Officer Marcos Tinoco were in attendance this weekend.

Immediately following the championship game, the USVI Soccer Association and FIFA officials awarded winners their respective medals and trophies for the championship tournament in conjunction with regular season honors.