CFU Holds Successful Congress

Nassau, Bahamas - The Caribbean football Union once again conveyed a successful congress in Nassau on Wednesday. Hosted in the Bahamas  attending the congress was most notably President of CONCACAF Jeffrey Webb, CFU President Gordon Derrick, CFU General Secretary Damien Hughes along with Executive members and presidents of the member associations.

During the congress President of CONCACAF Jeffrey Webb spoke on the importance and challenges the Caribbean nations had in the world of football.

The Caribbean, the heart and soul of CONCACAF, has to be designed and gazette as a special area for football in the world of football," said Webb

The CONCACAF president also stated

“There is no other area in the world with such economic depress than the Caribbean. There’s no other part of the world that when you look at funding for football for a region, there is no other part of the world that has such an economic disadvantage,” said Webb

Sharing the sentiments of President Webb, CFU President Gordon Derrick spoke on the improvements in some of the CFU nations such as USVI and BVI who gave their opponents a much stiffer test that the opponents did not expect.

"We want top quality, we want world class. As a region it is time to move beyond the rhetoric. We must embrace our future with passion and performance."

The CFU President also spoke of a democratic approach towards candidates in the upcoming FIFA elections.

"If there is a democracy and we believe in a democracy then that means that everyone who is nominated has a chance to participate and whoever votes, votes, whichever way,"

"The Caribbean presidents will get together, casually, they will have read manifestos, discussed issues, we all think alike in a lot of ways so it is quite possible that whoever they decide to go with, it would be a majority of the islands. But there will be no mandate."

Bahamas FA Anton Sealey warmly welcomed the delegates to the Bahamas where the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in 2017 will be held.