US Virgin Islands falls 19-0 to Jamaica in CFU Men’s U17

The US Virgin Islands national Under-17 team was no match to the Jamaica team as they lost 19-0 to the later in the first game of Group 1 of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Men’s Under 17 qualifiers played at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex on Saturday, August 23.

Donavan Dawkins scored seven goals in the 5th, 32nd, 43rd, 67th, 70th, 86th and 89th, Alex Marshall netted in the 15th , 20th and 23rd,Justin McMaster in the 9th, 36th ,50th and 60th, Nicholas Nelson in the 68th and 79th, Tajea Brown in the 29th ,Ajeanie Talbot in the 74th and Deshane Beckford in the 90th .

Meanwhile in the game played between the Cayman Islands and Guadeloupe the Caymanians lost 3-0 to their opponents after a goalless first half.

The goal scorers for Guadeloupe were Heindrix Julius in the 54th, Sylguy Theo Fumont in the 79th from the penalty spot and Dylanne Julien Bordin in the 80th On Monday August 25, US Virgin Island plays Guadeloupe at 4:00pm and at 7:00pm Jamaica face the Cayman Islands.