Crunch time for CFU Men’s U-20 Groups 3 & 4

Today, July 22, at 7:30pm will the decisive moment when Suriname and Haiti will separate themselves by proving which is the better team in Group 3 of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Men’s Under 20 competition, as both teams now have six points each.

The teams will meet each other after the game between bottom of the table teams St Lucia and Turks & Caicos at 5:00pm at the Stade Sylvio Cator Stadium in Haiti.

In Group 4 hosts Aruba meets Dominica at 8:00pm today as well. Aruba and Grenada both have three points with the latter having a better goal average.

Topping the group could be any team’s joy as long as the goal average is in its favour. However, if Aruba beats Dominica they will be the group winner but if Dominica wins by four clear goals they will be the winner of this group.