Martinique prevail 4-0 over French Guiana to take Tier II bragging rights

Published on 20 August 2022

Team Martinique hoists Jehann Belfan who scored a goal and had several key assists on the team’s way to victory in the 2022 CFU Boys’ Challenge Series TIER II final on Saturday

 Martinique 4-0 French Guiana

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic ( August 20, 2022)—Martinique defeated French Guiana 4-0 in the Tier II final of the CFU boys U14 Challenge Series on Saturday, in an encounter played at Estadio Olimpico Felix Sanchez in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Martinique, in full attacking mode, got off to an exciting start. French Guiana, who were dominant—and even feared—during the group stage struggled the entire first without a shot at goal.

Martinique dominated heavily on counterattacks, displaying great tactical football. Their shots at goal began with Fraivy Duhamel, a favorite throughout the competition, who fired off a forceful shot to goalkeeper Sydney Nourel, who made an incredible save.

Determined Martinique kept at it and, in the 15th minute, Ayvann Accus rocketed a beautifully passed through ball from Jehann Belfan straight into the back of the net. He continued with the same momentum throughout the first half of the match.

Martinique would take the 1-0 lead into the break.

Belfan showed up once again—this time early in the second half—with an assist to Nathan Naud, who comfortably placed the ball at the back of the net in the 36th minute of play.

The match continued with Martinique maintaining their composure. In the 42nd minute, Belfan, who displayed talent and excellent football IQ, scored the third goal of the match.

Four minutes later, Accus scored his second goal before being injured when Everson Gervais assisted a ball onto his boot. Accus dribbled past the defender and rocketed the ball into the back of the net.

French Guiana eked out some shots at goal and Neddy Montanede, Martinique’s goalkeeper, displayed heart and talent, making several tremendous saves to keep a clean sheet.

French Guiana’s second keeper, Henryano Apike, entered the match and, with the opponents making attempts on goal, was able to the task.

French Guiana put up a great fight but, in the end, Martinique showed up and showed out as the team of the final, with a magnificent level of passing and a 4-0 score line to be crowned champions of Tier II of the 2022 CFU Boys’ U-14 Challenge Series.


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