ABFA mourns the death of the Technical Director

Published on 14 October 2020

Photograph: Ralston “Debu” Williams

JOHN’S, Antigua (October 14, 2020) – The Antigua and Barbuda Football Association is mourning the passing of Technical Director, Rolston “Debu” Williams, who died early Wednesday morning.

Williams, it is reported, had a lifelong affiliation with and passion for football, serving at all levels, from school, community and club to association. He was appointed Technical Director in February 2015, becoming the first national of Antigua and Barbuda to hold the position.

The ABFA, in a press statement, heralded Williams’ impact on the sport, saying, “Debu’s passion for football was unrelenting, and his contribution to the development and continuity of the sport—whether he was working with a club, school, or the national program—cannot be gainsaid. Our colleague had an inimitable style and undeniable commitment, love and concern for the sport, players and national development.”

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