President’s Message


Randolph Harris (Barbados)

The Caribbean Football Union, with a membership of 31 countries amongst which four languages – English, Dutch, French and Spanish – are spoken, is galvanized by our commitment to football. In this regard, we speak the same language and with the same voice.

Our raison d’être is football, be it administration, competitions or development. The Caribbean Football Union is the official representative body for the sport in the Caribbean, and we respect our mandate.

It is undisputable that football in the Caribbean is more than a tale of competition point standings and world rankings. Football is indivisible from the hopes and dreams of tens of thousands of young men and women who play the game. Some are chasing careers; some are chasing opportunity; and, for some, the pitch is a safe place and a positive alternative to the problems prevalent across our respective communities.

This intimate understanding of our region drives the agenda of the Caribbean Football Union. We stand tall and proud—an organization characterized by accountability, transparency, democracy and mutual respect. We are concerned about the development of every member, whether that is at the level of grassroots programs, in turning football ability into university scholarships, in providing safe spaces and more.

An advocacy organization for all our members, the Caribbean Football Union is an important organ in football administration in our Concacaf confederation and beyond.
We cherish our past success and embrace the future with confidence and optimism.

Randolph Harris