Antiguan FC expands reach to link student-athletes to educational opportunities

Published on 07 October 2022

ST JOHN’S, Antigua (October 7, 2022)—Sixteen. That’s the number of student-athletes one football club in St. John’s, Antigua, Generation Next FC, has placed at institutions across the United Kingdom for 2022. Add the 15 student-athletes in the United States before that, and the sum in not bad for a young program.

The majority of the students have partial scholarships, and all were, at some point, members of the club.

For GNFC Principal Richard Santos, realizing the mission of the 10-year-old club is nothing short of emotional. More specifically, in 2018, the club went on a direct mission with an “education through football program.” This process entailed administering identification combines for US-based tertiary-level institutions in the first two years, and, last year, inviting UK-based schools.

“We now have no fewer than 15 students in US colleges and universities and, this year, 16 athletes attending schools in England, with two additional players on trial for pro clubs,” Santos said.

He noted that the club would expand the reach of the combines, with events in Toronto from November 4-10, 2022, Trinidad and Tobago from November 21-26, 2022, Jamaica from January 20-28, 2022, and Antigua and Barbuda from February 20-25, 2023.

“Our mission is to create a professional youth football club to afford young footballers from the Caribbean the opportunity to excel and achieve excellence through football,” Santos said.

The schools in the GNFC sphere for 2022 include Brooke House College, Buckswood, Hartpury, Rossall and Westham United’s educational program.

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