CFU Football Committee convenes first meeting

Published on 27 September 2019

CFU Football Committee Meeting: Seated from l-r CFU President Randolph Harris; Committee Chairman Luis Hernandez; Deputy Chair Maurice Victoire; standing l-r Luis Manuel Hernandez Valdivia; Jocelyn Germé; Glen Etienne; Etienne Siliee; and Anton Corneal

HAVANA, Cuba (September 27, 2019) –The Caribbean Football Union Football Committee held a productive inaugural meeting in Havana, Cuba on Friday, September 27, 2019.

The committee, comprised of Caribbean experts, held in-depth discourse on the aims and objectives, produced an action agenda, assigned duties and set timelines.

CFU President Randolph Harris, who attended the meeting, issued the charge to the members, noting their respective expertise, and said the work of the committee would prove to be seminal to the 41-year-old organization.

Committee Chairman Luis Hernandez committed to working thoroughly, methodically and swiftly, even as he noted that development is a long-term process.

The members of the CFU Football Committee are Luis Hernandez, chairman; Maurice Victoire, deputy chairman; Luis Manuel Hernandez Valdivia, secretary; Anton Corneal; Glen Etienne; Jocelyn Germé; and Etienne Siliee.

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