Girls Play Football Conversations with Cadijah Mars

Published on 17 June 2021

Photo: Cadijah Mars of Barbados in Episode 2 of Girls Plat Football Conversations 


Cadijah Mars

Four years after she began taking football seriously, the then 17-year-old Mars was selected to carry the FIFA World Cup Trophy from St. Lucia to her native Barbados The pomp and ceremony ignited an inextinguishable flame within her and opened doors.

A former player turned referee and administrator, Mars who holds a degree from University of the West Indies in sport management and exercise physiology, is, historically, the first woman to manage the Barbados Senior Men’s team.

Her mantra, ‘don’t give up,’ is a statement she embodies, overcoming challenges and forging her way.

Football is where Mars finds her peace.

Catch the full conversation here


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