Jamaican Assistant Referee Jassett Kerr-Wilson makes Gold Cup history

Published on 26 July 2021

Photo: Female Jamaican Referee Jassett Kerr-Wilson

HOUSTON, Texas (July 29, 2021)—Female Jamaican Assistant Referee Jassett Kerr-Wilson notched a Caribbean first on Thursday night as Assistant Referee 2 in an all-Caribbean cast in the Mexico vs Canada Gold Cup semifinal played at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

Kerr-Wilson noted her commitment to her profession, and expressed elation over the appointment. She was also grateful.

“First of all, I want to thank the Almighty God for life and granting me this privilege to be doing one of the semifinals. It was not easy getting here. It took a lot of work and sacrifice, and I am grateful that I was chosen for this historic moment. I always believed in myself and abilities,” Kerr-Wilson told the CFU.

The assistant referee referenced her hard work and briefly explained what representation means to her, saying, “Ecstatic or on cloud nine are two phrases I can use to say how I am feeling, although words cannot express how I truly feel. 

“Being able to represent myself, my family, my country and other females is beyond imaginable at this stage. I am a small, tiny girl in the men’s world, and with that, I am still in awe. I dreamt of being at this level—and there are so many females that have been training twice as hard as I do to be at this level because it is their profession—so with that I still cannot find that perfect words to express my true feelings and gratitude,” Kerr-Wilson added.

The panel for the semifinal comprised of referee Daneron Parchment also from Jamaica; Assistant Referee 1 Caleb Wales (Trinidad and Tobago); Kerr-Wilson; and fourth official Oshane Nation (Jamaica).

Maters intensified in the second half in what was a physical match from the first whistle, when Parchment stopped the game and called the players to the center following offensive chants from the Mexican fans. Kerr-Wilson along with the other match officials were pressed into action to physically restrain players from both sides, whose exchange of words boiled over.

Kerr-Wilson is just one of two women standing in the 2021 Gold Cup—a first. The other is Kathryn Nesbitt from the United States.



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