Our Brand

The CFU is centered around our core values to which we hold ourselves and all of our stakeholders accountable. These comprise the following tenants.

CFU Mission

To empower and support our members through strong leadership while providing clear direction and professional services in the advancement of the beautiful game.

CFU Vision

One Caribbean voice united in passion and purpose

Core Values

Working together with a common purpose towards a common goal

Equitable allocation of resources and access to opportunities for all Member Associations

Embracing fair, honest, respectful, and strong moral principles

Acting always in a manner that is accountable, clear and truthful

Striving for the highest results in all endeavours

Providing quality services and performance

Focus Areas

Our brand is based around three core pillars that define the strategic focus of the CFU.

Football Development (On field)

Strategic Goal #1
Greater representation at FIFA International Tournaments

Strategic Goal #2
Increase participation rates at the youth and grassroots level

Capacity Building (Off the field)

Strategic Goal #1
At least one panel of CFU referees represented at every FIFA World Cup

Strategic Goal #2
Provide additional opportunities for capacity building in administration for Member Associations

Strategic Goal #3
Improve the capacity of coaching departments in the Caribbean

Good Governance

Strategic Goal #1
Review and update CFU's administrative structure and operations